Work with me

In Vancouver, web developers grow on trees. So, how do you separate the good from the not so good? Two things count: personality and skills. You need to enjoy the experience, and the developer you choose to work with needs to have the skills to get the job done, on time and on budget. It’s vital for a small developer to have a well rounded set of skills to help get your message out there. It requires depth on all levels of website development and deployment, from technical savvy to visual design expertise.

For 22 years, I’ve been helping people bring websites to life. My experience has allowed me to develop a strong, diverse skill set to handle all aspects of your site development and ongoing management of your online presence.

What I Offer

    • Website Design – I *usually* use WordPress for site construction, simply because it’s very well supported by the community and offers a wide array of options and approaches to complete your site. I’ve done blog sites, e-Commerce (Magento, Interspire, WooCommerce, WP-E-Commerce), sites for a broad range of businesses — all of which were very straightforward to put together. In many cases, WordPress also allows for the site owner to easily make adjustments on their own once the site is complete, giving you more control over your content long-term. Beyond WordPress, I’m comfortable working with Drupal, Joomla and static HTML. I’ve developed a very strong skill set in bringing old, dusty, outdated websites into the modern age, giving them a complete overhaul with new technology and design updates. The take away: I can work with what you need to reach your goal, and I can offer sound advice regarding the direction you wish to take your project, both in the immediate future and further down the road.
    • DNS Management – From simple domain name registrations (at fair prices) to complicated DNS setups involving a number of machines, I can do it all. I also have great experience in integrating SSL protection to E-Commerce sites, providing a safe peace of mind for people purchasing your products through your site.
    • Hosting – I can either handle the hosting through my own services, or we can work together to find a hosting package that works best for you and your project. I can provide full e-commerce hosting, complete with SSL encryption for the highest level of security. Hosting is available on Canadian or US servers.
    • Email Services – With 15 years experience in dealing with internet email systems, I can bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Whether it’s simply dealing with a few internet accounts via your web host, a fully managed service with full virus/spam filtering, or email marketing to your customer base, I’ve got the skills to make email work for you!
    • Graphic Design – My first foray into the tech world was ignited by my love of graphic design. I know what works and what does not work in the world of website design, and I have a knack for translating your design ideas into a working site. If you are looking for something more, I work closely with great designers who can help you achieve the branding you want, from logo design to product packaging.
    • Ongoing Maintenance – It’s great to have a new site in place, but, most, if not all websites require some amount of ongoing maintenance, especially in these days of Social Media integration. From adding in a regular blog post to occasional page additions, product additions or new functionally, I’m quite happy to take care of these matters on your behalf, whether that work entails an hour a month or a few hours a week. Contact me to see what I can do for your website.

Local Business, Worldwide Audience

I run a small, one person company, and have been providing the services listed above for more than 15 years, with a long list of delighted clients. I tend to work with other small to medium sized businesses, but have the capacity to work with larger companies in a contract capacity. My small/medium-sized business focus lets me provide you with very detailed and specialized services that fit how YOU want things to work. I’m also quite lucky to work with a few non-profit organizations  and I offer special pricing for such organizations. I will usually quote work on an hourly basis as I feel this provides you with the best value for your dollar, paying for only what you need to get done. I can also quote on entire projects, as well. It’s up to you.