I had my first brush with the internet somewhere around 1992 or so, through the Fido feeds that also dragged in a little usenet. By the time 1995 rolled around, I worked directly in the industry and have continued on this path ever since. While there is no way one can see it all, I’ve watched wave after wave of new technology rush onto the internet and in many cases, rush right back out. I wrote my first website in 1994, and I’ve been writing them ever since. And I have no plans to stop any time soon.

With a vast array of experience in a large range of subjects, I can likely sort out, fix, configure, program, wire, install just about anything you can come up with. From Domain name registrations; to professional, reliable email systems; to modern, up to date, interactive websites; to comprehrensive social media interaction, I look forward to hearing what your particular challenge is.