I sent my first email approximately 35 years ago now, on a small BBS system running somewhere in New Westminster. I was connected to it by what seemed like a light speed connection of a 1200 baud modem.

These days?

Things are a little different. I’ve spent over 16 years working for email-focused organizations, and as a result I can provide you with solutions for nearly any email related problem you may have. From setting up a new email system to migrating an old one, or maybe you need some guidance dealing with a marketing campaign? Whatever the issue, I can help you find a good, working solution. Contact me to see what I can do for your company.

Email Marketing

It’s always a sound idea to maintain a list of your customers’ email addresses, and touch base with them on a reasonably regular basis. But, do you know for certain your customers are viewing your emails? Are they even arriving in their Inboxes (or is it ending up in the Junk folder) and are your customers heeding your Call to Action and clicking through to your site? I’ve dealt with many places that simply have no idea what happens once their emails have been sent, and just as important, how these emails look within the separate versions of Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird or the myriad of webmail clients. My approach is to send emails that are viewable in any of the “major” email clients and to provide trackable results as to how many people saw the email, and how many acted upon the email. With these two things, you will know that your message is getting across!

Email Systems

Having spent so many years dealing with web hosting companies and ISPs, I can tell you one thing with almost 100% certainty: they do not care about email. For them, it’s an offshoot, their last priority, something they “have” to provide. The webmail system may be nonexistent or, horrendously outdated. The spam filtering works wonderfully at filtering out exactly the email you actually want to see. The anti virus system, if it exists at all, was likely last updated in 2005. And daily, you can read about the “end of email”, “email is so 1999”, “what, people still use email?”

And yet, it remains a viable, important part of people’s daily internet use. People rely on their email for their businesses, so why are you using a substandard setup that’s provided by your web host simply because it was free, and well, sort of works, most of the time? This isn’t how it has to be. You have options. Email systems that are spam free, contain powerful white listing technology, contact management, effective virus scanning and the ability to sync up with your mobile device are easy to setup and maintained. Get back to the idea that you can rely on your email over wondering if anything besides spam ever arrives.