I call these “Demystification Sessions”. In a nutshell, you find that some new technology, be it hardware/software based or, internet based, has you confused. I come in and cut through the manuals, the documentation, the rumors and misinformation and leave you with a much more solid understanding of the topic. Simple! Sometimes it’s as easy as “What does SEO offer for my company?” Sometimes it’s more involved: “I’d like to move my entire life from a Windows machine to an Apple”. Or, “I want to take all my digital photographs and move them into one manageable program.” Can’t figure out that new iPad/Android/Playbook tablet? Syncing your contacts to your phone in a predictable manner drives you insane? Just how to do you go about setting up a new WordPress site? What’s your best approach to a bulletproof backup? How can you start selling yourself or your products on the internet?

I can help you come to grips with any of these topics and many more, freeing up your time to concentrate on what you need to get done, as opposed spending hours buried in incomprehensible documentation.

I’m available both during the day or in the evening for tutoring work, often with very little notice, so get in touch today and find out how I can make your computing experience work better for you.