High Performance Web Solutions for Small Business

This is my website. I’m not going to show you pictures of me “consulting” or “coding”. This is not very exciting. You don’t want to see me diligently working on websites for clients. This is not the “stuff of legends”. It’s not very glamorous either, unless there’s some dramatic lighting involved — which sometimes happens.

So instead, I bring you what I do, samples of my great work…and a monkey riding a goat.


I fix things. Internet things. Whether it’s your DNS, your email, your website, your wifi, whatever it is. I can fix it for you.


I build things. I build fully realized WordPress websites. If you need to build your internet presence, or want a full-on e-Commerce solution, or anything in between. I can build it for you.


From moving sites, to maintaining sites, to expanding sites, to consolidating sites, all of it. I can maintain it for you.