Current Portfolio

Some of these are considered “work in progress” but, no, there are no “under construction” blinking gifs to suggest as much. This represents only some of the work I have completed in 2011, for more examples, please contact me directly.

Connor Doran, Dare to Dream

I first met Connor Doran in 2004, giving him and his mother their first lesson on a Revolution Kite. Fast forward to now, and Connor made it to the finals of America’s Got Talent with an indoor Revolution Kite and he’s become a nationwide spokesperson for epilepsy fundraising. The decision was made to get him his own web site under his own domain. Once I managed to grab his domain name, I provided hosting and design for this site.
New Star BooksNew Star Books

I do a little of this, I do a little of that. Initially contacted via a Craigslist ad of all places, I’ve helped New Star migrate off of two ancient Windows 2000 systems, one system moving to a Windows 7 platform, one to an Ubuntu platform. I also managed to completely reconstruct their database from simply a csv and some PHP pages after a data mishap (make SURE your webhost does SOME amount of backup, I certainly do!).



Steve Dotto / Dottotech   

I’ve known Steve Dotto now for roughly 15 years, having worked directly on the Dotto’s Data Cafe as a regular guest, then his radio show and now I have taken over maintenance of his Drupal site, adding in some new functionality for him where needed. I’m also in involved in a new venture for him that looks at reviews of applications, utilizing a WordPress backend that will display videos and allow for visitor interaction and ratings.

Aura Mckay
Aura Mckay:

Aura came to me earlier this year, looking for someone who could consolidate her domains and make her hosting of various domains more consistent. I moved two of her sites to new hosting and helped her get a somewhat tricky WordPress theme working the way she wanted it to, including deep customization of the theme’s CSS.

Eclipse Photography:

I like new work that comes in on the basis of a referral from another satisfied customer. So far, I have relaunched Eclipse’s email marketing efforts, moving them from a system that provided no stats whatsoever to a fully trackable solution that allows for them to see who opened the email, and who clicked through to the website, to moving their website to a new server. Next up will be a complete revamp of their website content, and moving it to a CMS-based system so they can easily maintain their own content.


BCKA (British Columbia Kite Association):

Having been a member of this group for roughly 15 years now, when the previous webmaster decided he’d didn’t have the time to work on the site any longer, I decided I’d step in and redo the site in something a little more manageable that the Front Page it had been coded in previously. Redone in WordPress, all of the content was transferred over and bit by bit, I’m adding some new functionality to the site.


Virtual Tourism Network

VTN initially contacted us regarding a tidy-up for their old site that was done quite a few years ago. By taking a WordPress install and heavily editing a custom theme chosen by VTN, I came up with a quick and tidy website that allows for VTN to take on the day to day editing on their own. The site included E-Commerce abilities linked to both an account and Paypal, streaming video hosted both locally and remotely and some complicated forms, used to garner customer needs. Some interesting challenges were solved, mostly centered around how to make some WordPress’isms work correctly under Windows web hosting.

This led to further work, handling the deployment and customization of the initial video site that others initially built. I worked out a process of adding in new areas and solved a few issues that the original designers (who to be fair, weren’t aware of how the site was going to scale so quickly). The site currently sitting at 15 separate mini-sites and separate databases, it’s expected I will be adding more of the mini-sites in the near future as VTN brings in further new sales.