Hello, my name is David Hathaway and I was born into technology. No, quite literally, as my entire family has been involved in computer systems since the day I was born, so, there was quite literally no escaping it. And, not that I would have wanted to anyways, I’ve found it an exciting and challenging workspace for many years and I undoubtedly will for many years to come as well.

I work on many things, for many people, from web site development, small network design and implementation, PC/Mac installations and training, tutorial work too! Having spent so many years in and around IT, I have likely seen a solution for almost any kind of problem or situation you may be faced with and I’d love to get involved in making technology work for you and or your company.

But, IT isn’t all I do. I spend a lot of time as the co-founder of one of the best kite teams on the planet, iQuad. The ongoing iQuad adventure has taken me all over the world , meeting new people and pushing the boundaries on what “kite performance” can be. 5+ years down the road and it’s just as exciting as ever and I look forward to many more travels with the group as the years go by. I also spend some time playing music, both from a home recording perspective and as a live act, having spent many years in one of Canada’s unsung heros of the indie music scene, Roots Roundup. Lately, I spend my guitar slinging days with a local reggae band called Dubfreque. These days, my amplification/effects setup is entirely Mac based and fully digital, much to my brother’s dismay…

Below you can find a current resume and I’m easily reachable via email at davidh@synonymous-bucket.flywheelsites.com

Current Resume ( 01-01-2011 )

David Hathaway