What do I do?

One of the things one acquires through a multi decade career in IT is a deep skill set coupled with an advanced “problem solving” tool kit. I get brought in for all manner of different types of work. Sometimes it’s hardware/software related, sometimes it’s more web-centric. Sometimes it will involve me developing a new skill set or approach, other times, it’s something I’ve dealt with dozens of times over the years. Regardless, the same attention to the details remains the same. If you are not completely happy with the work provided, simply let me know and I’ll make sure it’s right and working how you need it to work.

Some recent projects I have been involved with…

– Calendar syncing with Blackberrys for a pair of realtors who wanted to get a better handle on their complicated schedules.

– A new backup system for a small legal office

– An “I need this site up by the end of the day” (on a sunday) emergency install (DNS, Hosting, Site, Email, all done!)

– Consulting and guidance on moving an Interspire site to new hosting

– Bring a long time customer over to Facebook with a full company profile

– Filemaker Pro troubleshooting for a small book publisher

– Demystification session with a local realtor who was being bombarded by SEO companies. (In this case, there was certainly no need for an ongoing SEO campaign that was going to cost regular money with no real improvement)

– Replace an ageing dot matrix printer with a new laser printer (which needed to print from an MSDOS application)

– Take an ancient COBOL based web application and move it’s display over to a responsive, PHP based front end, effectively acting as a new coat of paint for an app that’s still entirely viable

Every day tends to bring new challenges and new ideas, maybe it’s time to contact me and see what I can make work for you…

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